Bengaluru flooded by a cloudburst, know what authority said

According to recent news, Bengaluru is flooded to death. The drainage system collapses under the force of the downpour, fully flooding numerous public areas and significant thoroughfares. Numerous taxi and automobile drivers refused to pick up passengers, and traffic flowed slowly through flooded streets. CM Bommai pledges to take action. “Bengaluru has seen heavy rains. The BBMP Commissioner and I chatted.

Basavaraj Bommai, the Karnataka CM, states that SDRF teams have been sent out, and he has ordered authorities to clear the drains. In Bengaluru, a shop owner named Mohammad Hassan says, “After the rain, both of these roads were filled up, and after a while, the drivers are not visible. Every ten minutes, we pumped water from these locations using a pumping apparatus that we had to bring from the shop. Every year, this occurs, and in a half-hour, the scenario will be as described. As a result, many people have slips and falls and suffer injuries. People encounter issues when traveling on a regular basis.

Tushar Giri Nath, chief commissioner of the BBMP, stated: “Due to rain, we will fix potholes with cement and cold mix. From September 10, it might get a little dry. Then, to fix potholes, we’ll employ ingredients from hot mix plants. The road tendering process is currently complete. These projects will start in October. In October and November, there won’t be many potholes and the roads will still be newly asphalted.

The “abandoning” of road construction has also made traffic congestion worse. Nath responded, “I believe that construction materials on the road have an impact on the efficient flow of traffic. We’ve been provided a list of 112 routes by the city police that have construction going on. Out of 112, about 40 locations are experiencing work delays. Because work had slowed down there, we withdrew the construction materials from Jayamahal Road as instructed by Chief Secretary Vandita Sharma. Rajakaluves’ encroachment is causing flooding. Another issue in the city is this. Low-lying areas are particularly impacted, according to Nath.

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